Moscow cafes and restaurants

If you are an expat in Moscow, plan travelling to Moscow or simply live in Moscow, here’s are the restaurants, cafes and bakeries that might be of interest to you. These are simply places I like and keep visiting. I keep an eye on newly opening places and they come first in the guides.

Moscow restaurants guide


It can sometimes seem that there is no good Indian / Chinese / Spanish ect. restaurant in Moscow. However it turns out that if you search properly... New openings make me more and more enthusiastic about the city. A whole new cluster of creative restaurants is forming around Belorusskaya metro station, vegetarian places are starting to develop, even New York style pizza is 15 minutes ready for you on Sadovoye koltso. Here are my favorite Moscow restaurants including my most recent findings  read more...

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Moscow cafes and bakeries guide


To me Moscow is the city of cafes and bakeries. It is packed with small and large "kofeynya's" (the name we use most often to describe these places) with pretty cake vitrines, small tables, espresso, cappuccino etc. Some of them belong to huge chains, some are stand alone. Some are completely disappointing and some are welcoming and delicious. The thing I love about these is that they are comfortable and informal. You are welcome for breakfast, lunch or even midnight snack if you wish. Read more...

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