Saturday, June 25, 2011

Polish style szarlotka (apple pie)

IMG_0157 copy

I used to think I’m not someone who easily gets provoked. However after this article in NY Times Dining made me cook I’m not that sure any more. The result was that I discovered a delicious apple pie which is very different from whatever I tried before. Given that I’m a complete apple pie freak and try different apple pastry wherever I find it, I feel impressed and simply happy about it.


  1. Hey i love apple pie and now i am learning myself how to make it, thanks for sharing your ideas in this post.

  2. Oh, that's great news! You are very welcome :-) Enjoy it a lot!

  3. That looks beautiful! Would it be blasphemous to add traditional apple pie spices?

  4. thank you! :-) you mean clove, cinnamon etc.?
    I must say it tasted quite self sufficient with virtually no spices. Probably that's because both the precooked apples and the pastry are quite intense and there is good contrast (sweet / sour) between them.
    However if you have a feeling for that - do try, why not?
    Keep me posted if you do.

  5. It looks too good not to try!! I think I'm going to try it on an unsuspecting group of apple pie fans! I will def. let you know how it did w/spices :)

  6. Hi, Polish there! I'm glad that you liked our szarlotka, it's one of the most favourite cakes among Polish. Therefore there are some variations which I thought you may be willing to try :) Sometimes the filling may be spiced with cinnamon or clove; there are also raisins or almonds added to it. The stripes of the top layer are sometimes not arranged parallel to each other, but they are formed in a form of a truss (not sure if the comparison is good - but they form a kind of check; I think that these photos illustrate it well: I find szarlotka with the "checked" top layer particularly decorative :) And, as you can see, some sprinkle it with powdered sugar.
    Oh, I'm sorry for this long monologue, but szarlotka is very exciting problem, since everyone claims her/his recipe to be the best :) Good baking!
    (Anyway, did you try the Polish-style cheesecake? That's my favourite :)

  7. Oh, thanks so much for sharing this! I'm very interested in finding out these details. The checked szarlotka is really pretty, next time I'll try it this way. An adding almonds also sounds delicious to me.

    Looks like fearandloathing question about whether you can use the clove and cinnamon in this pie was exactly looking into the existing recipe variations :)!