Friday, September 9, 2011

Barcelona Catalan cooking class at Cook&Taste


One more brilliant thing I discovered during my last trip to Barcelona was the cook&taste cooking studio. I was looking to insert some cooking class in our trip and found them. Cook&taste offered a 3-4 hour class where we would be able to not only watch, but cook ourselves. The menu gathered the most internationally known dishes (gazpachotortillapaella and crema catalana). At first I got worried - the menu looked somewhat "touristy" to me, but then I found that I shouldn't have. In addition to that there was a guided market tour available (at La Boqueria of course) - this was the last thing to drive me completely crazy about the class and I booked 2 seats.


  1. Fantastic.This si exactly what I would do on my holiday in another land.Try to learn from people there their famous dishes.I have made some paela before but surely seeing how its done by knowhows is a different story.Thank you for sharing:)

  2. Thanks to you! Yes, I really enjoy cooking classes when I go on trips. Good classes are available in many places - just need to be booked somewhat in advance. I agree, if I seed the food cooked by natives for real it creates an absolutely different feeling than, say, reading about it. I just start being comfortable about doing it myself :)

  3. I haven''t done the Cook and Taste course...but I did one a friend recommended run by

    Amazing experience with markets, traditional and modern tapas and local dishes, wine, Cava - everything i wanted to experience in barcelona! Seems like the best value school out there as well...and the guys that run it are young and friendly as well, a bit of a contrast to a class i did a few years ago run by a catalan man than refused to listen to my bad spanish!

    I'd definitely recommend papa serra if you are still looking for a school. And enjoy barcelona : )

    1. thank you so much! will definitely visit next time I'm in Barcelona!)

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