Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grilled vegetables out of the oven

I was almost set to go to my first dancing class yesterday night. It's been 2 or 3 years that I stopped to dance and I felt like something has been missing since then. I came back from INSEAD determined to start again. My friend referred me to Gala dance school and here I am. Something happened though and I didn't go. I'll go on Saturday. I really will. So I stayed at home doing guess what.


  1. Первые три картинки - шикарные и по композиции, и по свету. Льющееся масло - cool

  2. thanxxx Мишель снимал, я наливала масло)))

  3. Some of the best foods require little work by us. I love the simple seasoning on these fantastic vegetables.

  4. Just made this tonight. Decided I'm going to make this VERY OFTEN! We had it with brats.
    This is gonna be a great way to use my garden stuff, and keep things simple.
    The only problem I had was I didn't notice it was in Celsius so after 20 minutes I was like, why aren't you cooked! Oh, because I have you at half the temp I'm supposed to. Lol!

  5. That's great you the idea is useful for you!
    Yes, I cook them around 40 min in total. Sometimes 30 can be enough if there is no potato or you are making a small amount of veggies. Just take out in the middle to toss. Thus they get a more even color and won't get burned on one side.