Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gelonch New Catalan restaurant in Barcelona


My recent trip to Barcelona was so full of gastronomic impressions that it will take me many posts to express in full. This fist one is going to be about Gelonch restaurant, an haute cuisine experience that really impressed me.


  1. Fun fun fun ithe sun>Yes I follow also what Adria is up to and I have had a blog about him as I really think he revolucionized molkular gastronomy.Hopefully the palns to open a course on barcelona University will go ahead with him as a head of taht department.So much knowledge to be gained.Have to say impressed wna jelaous of the dishes you tried:)

  2. Oh, that's great to know! Yes, I also hope the plans for the University will come true :-). Is your blog still accessible? I'd love to visit it