Friday, September 2, 2011

Food feast of Afisha Eda (Афиша: Праздник Еды)


I spent this whole Saturday at the Food feast (Праздник Еды) - food festival, organized by Alexey Zimin and Afisha Eda magazine in Moscow for the first time this year. When I found about the event a week or two ago and looked through the agenda I was amazed. All day was filled up with master classes of some of the most interesting Moscow chefs - Ivan Shishkin of Delicatessen restaurant, Isaac Correa, Suki Maman of Upside down cake and Montalto pizza, Iyia Shalev of Ragout etc. as well as Alexey Zimin himself. I new I had to be there whatever happens.


  1. What a great day that must have been.Nice seeing something happening for the first time.Food looks really delicious.My eye caught the bread loaf:))

  2. Oh yes, that's so true. The fact that this kind of event happened in Moscow makes me enthusiastic about the city as a whole :)