Saturday, September 17, 2011

A walk around La Boqueria Barcelona market


Before our Catalan cooking class at the cook&taste Barcelona cooking studio we went to a Spanish chef guided tour around La Boqueria, the most famous Barcelona food market. La Boqueria is a place where one can find almost anything. Everybody seems to like it - city restaurants, home cooks, tourists - all shop there for ingredients, enjoy great tapas bars and the energetic buzz of its crowd.


  1. Such a fantatsic place.I loev amrkets.Actualy on one groupsblog I had a series of markets from all around teh world called:market day in..
    greta post:)

  2. Oh, me too! Markets are so much fun and inspiration :) Hope I'll post about markets in France and Italy in the future. Also christmas fairs in Austria... ah! I really love them too. That's a great idea to gather such posts in some one place:)