Saturday, January 29, 2011

Must try Singapore fruits

If I was doing something at all this November and December in INSEAD Singapore - I was eating. So I'll be coming back occasionally with my memories. My friend once said when asked about what is there to do in Singapore: "There is so much to eat!". Many foods I discovered there became my strong favorites and are now part of my daily life. From Thai green curry to Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, especially Half baked. I know, one doesn't have to go to Singapore to get addicted to Ben & Jerry. I did though.


  1. I relate the choise of fruits to the state of mind; when hungry I go bananas, when craving sweets I go pineapples, when lazy I go Mangos, when the meal is too spicy I go dragon fruit for a great after-taste,etc....

    As for my favourite juice, it is honey dew, for its creamy, sweet flavour that easily boosts your mood. However,Sour sop became my first option since you introduced it to me @Ayer Raja food court. I had it with chilly/pepper crab@ jumbo seafood and it really broke down the strong taste.

  2. Oh, I never tried dragon fruit after spicy food! It must taste great... and probably alleviate the heat. I don't even know when I get my next chance to try.
    Honey due is truly very very good. I also tried it after you introduced it to me @ Fusionopolis))