Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bouillabaisse est arrive

It was my dad's birthday this Friday. The idea was to make bouillabaisse for dinner. He really likes fish soups but never tried this one. I never cooked it. It was a nice chance to fill another hole in my education, so I volunteered.


  1. Masha, You missed the main fish in bouillabaisse - la rascasse. Also, you should add saffron in the broth, it will give it the famous orange color :-) To make a broth, you start with just fish bones, tails and heads with bouquet garni and wine cooking it this way for about 2 hours... no veggies there. This way you get thick bouillabaisse broth, otherwise it is gonna become kinda regular fish soup. You should allow at least 4 hours to make it.

  2. Misha, thanks for jumping in. Here's someone who knows something about bouillabaisse in contrast to me.
    Looks like Emeril Lagasse ( and Antony Worrall Thompson ( do not use rascasse and start the broth with the veggies though.
    Anyways, can't wait for your proper bouillabaisse!

  3. In Emeril recipe there is scorpion fish. It is the same. People also call it scorpaena or in Russian - Morskoi Ersh. The other fish that should be used for broth is sea robin (Morskoi Petuh). If you don't see them in Metro, you should try La Maree, they almost always have it.

    There are a lot of simplified recipes of the Bouillabaisse in the internet. The rule of thumb is to avoid those with cooking time less then 4 hours :-). The one I found to be close to the original which Miramar is using i discovered here I don't like popular chefs recipes for traditional food. It is not interesting for them to cook it the way it should be, so they experiment and whoops! It is not bouillabaisse any more :-)

    Yeah, we should find time to make it.

  4. Cool! can I go shopping with you?? :-)