Friday, March 25, 2011

Pasta with home made pesto


I was shopping in Bahetle today and while searching for spinach I found a pack with fresh basil. It was just impossible to tear my nose from these fragrant leaves, so the pack came with me. My new food processor got delivered just today and that was a brilliant chance to see it in action. I was going to make fresh pesto.


  1. Try pasta al pesto with potatoes and green beans (fagiolini), the way they do it in Genova, that's really smth!
    (Also you can do pesto with almonds (mandorle) instead of pinoli, and add shrimps, that's the Sicily way, also good:)))

  2. Oh, great thanks for sharing this! Now I really want to try both. Let's see what I'll be able to do at home :-)
    How nice would it be to go to Italy now...

  3. Your pesto looks fantastic! (I also don't put garlic in mine). I found you through Food Frenzy. New follower!

  4. Hi Paolo! Great to get to know you! I'm now following you too :-)
    Thanks a lot for saying this about the pesto. Feels amazing to hear that from someone who actually knows how it should be!