Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chewy oatmeal cookies (vegan version)


The crispy oatmeal cookies I got last time were fine, but I’ve always been much bigger on soft and chewy cookies. So since then I’ve been thinking about developing a chewy version. These chewy (almost gooey) cookies worked right from the first attempt. This must be because I finally got a good book on American baking.


  1. Once more, I can't express how great this recipe is. Everybody seems to love these biscuits, and they're quick and easy to make and take along, wonderful! To substitute raisins for dried cranberries probably did the trick, too.

    By the way, we didn't have any bottled orange juice at home, so I squeezed the juice out of an orange, and the result was that the batter became much more liquid. I think that means that freshly self-made orange juice weighs less than the bottled stuff. The result was interesting, the biscuits spread very thinly, but hugely! *lol* At first I was flabbergasted, but then it turned out that everybody here loved them because it makes them extra crunchy and thin, with all the goodness of caramelised sugar. He~ =D

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing! :-)
    Great that you got tasty cookies and happy people. That's the most important thing. I love thin and crunchy cookies too :-)