Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My muffin baking class - this Sunday in Moscow

Dear friends,

Let me invite you to my muffin baking class - this Sunday evening (October 9th) at half-a-teaspoon cooking studio (M. Ordynka 25, Moscow). It is part of "Pastry basics" class series, started by Masha Kicheeva and Elena Spirina, which I am happy to contribute to.

This evening we will bake muffins - classic and vegan, sweet and savory, light and indulgent. Draft menu starts from:
Vanilla & blackcurrant muffins
Apple & cinnamon muffins
Double chocolate muffins
Fresh basil & olive oil muffins with sun dried tomatoes...


  1. So the muffins made its way in Russia,I have to admit before I started following food blogs I enver knew musffins are so poular.Picked up some awesome recepies along the way:) Good luck;)

  2. Yes :) it seems muffins are taking over the world
    Thank you so much, my friend!